What are some common tools used by the frond end developer?

Front-end developers have to develop the products for the ease of customers, which includes designing sometimes, so they need to use tools.

Front-end developers employ a combination of design and web development in their job; hence the tools they use are cross-functional.

Following are some tools they use in their day-to-day jobs:

Graphic design tools

Before a front-end developer starts coding, they usually create a prototype of their website utilizing graphic design tools, which allows them to test and experiment with the user interface before writing the actual code.

The technique could be as basic as using a pencil and paper. Depending on the team size and project scope, it could need graphics editing applications like Sketch or Photoshop, prototyping tools like Balsamiq Mockups, or more complicated graphical editing tools like Figma or Illustrator.

Cose editing tools

A front-end developer’s code editing tool is simply the program they use to write the code for their website.

Some developers prefer a simple editor like Notepad, while others prefer a more feature-rich environment like Visual Studio or Eclipse.

Before choosing a code editor, experiment with a couple to find which one works best for you.