What are some Back End Development project ideas for beginners?

Taking up challenging yet achievable projects helps a developer in getting hands-on experience on the theory learned. Not only this, it also helps the developer in finding areas of improvement in order to overcome the weaknesses. This makes them a better prospect for future job availabilities and builds a more stable career in this field. The following are some of the projects that can be taken up:

Scrapers - Create a scraper to gather information from a website. One can use Request as a simple package.

Socket-based chat server – A socket-based chat server is not that tough, and it is quite rewarding once put in place.

Web Server - Build a simple one-page website and integrate the chat server if possible.

Authentication – Create a straightforward authentication system. Put usernames and passwords in a database and try to match them based on what the user says.

APIs - You can experiment with a variety of free APIs. i.e. I graphed stock trends using a free API.