What are skills needed to become a big data engineer?

A Big Data Engineer must be highly knowledgeable in a variety of fields.

The top 3 Big Data Engineer talents you will need are listed below:

Programming: To begin, like most other technology-oriented professional categories, programming is at the top of the Big Data Engineer abilities list.

A Big Data Engineer should be good with any popular programming language, such as Java, C++, or Python.

Database and SQL: Following programming, in-depth knowledge of DBMS and SQL is required. This will assist you in knowing how data in a database is kept and preserved.

Any Relational Database Management system requires you to write SQL queries. MySQL is one of the popular and known database management systems for Big Data engineering.

ETL and data warehousing: As previously said, one of a Big Data Engineer’s key roles is to do ETL procedures.

You will need to understand how to build and use a data warehouse.