What are disadvantages of AI?

As a coin has two sides, AI with the benefits that it has, it also has some disadvantages which are mentioned below:

• Higher Costs: The use and developing of AI programs and algorithms is a very costly process as it takes in a lot of manpower and requires a certain level of technology for any company or individual to develop.

• Fear of unemployment: With AI enabled systems taking pace, there is fear that in few years, some jobs which were earlier done by humans may be done by AI. With the infusion of AI in Customer Support, many jobs have been hampered in that area.

• Monotonous Work: AI is developed by Humans to conduct certain tasks and AI would not be able to perform any other task other than the task which it is programmed to do.

• No emotions: As humans are introducing use of AI in various fields, one thing to take care of is that AI does not have any emotions which humans do so certain jobs may be done by AI but Humans can do it better.