What are Built-in Dictionary methods

The built-in python dictionary methods along with the description are given below.

SN Method Description
1 dic.clear() It is used to delete all the items of the dictionary.
2 dict.copy() It returns a shallow copy of the dictionary.
3 dict.fromkeys(iterable, value = None, /) Create a new dictionary from the iterable with the values equal to value.
4 dict.get(key, default = “None”) It is used to get the value specified for the passed key.
5 dict.has_key(key) It returns true if the dictionary contains the specified key.
6 dict.items() It returns all the key-value pairs as a tuple.
7 dict.keys() It returns all the keys of the dictionary.
8 dict.setdefault(key,default= “None”) It is used to set the key to the default value if the key is not specified in the dictionary
9 dict.update(dict2) It updates the dictionary by adding the key-value pair of dict2 to this dictionary.
10 dict.values() It returns all the values of the dictionary.
11 len()
12 popItem()
13 pop()
14 count()
15 index()