What are Blockchain jobs in the market?

The market interest in blockchain jobs is at an all-time high. This rise in demand is due to the potential showcased in various security applications, data management, Logistics, shared database management.

As the market adapts to the various needs of its users, It is opening new opportunities for enthusiasts to dive deep into the subject. Multiple companies like IBM, Accenture, etc., are always on the hunt for industry-ready developers with high-quality talent.

Some Blockchain Jobs that can be very high paying are:

  1. Blockchain Developer

  2. Blockchain Architect

  3. Blockchain Security Engineer

  4. Blockchain Product Manager

  5. Blockchain UX Designer

  6. Blockchain Quality Engineer

These require a range of skills like development and deployment of code, data structures, blockchain framework creation, blockchain architecture, Web development, to name a few. But in general, these high rewarding jobs require some form of or a combination of Blockchain technical skills and software project knowledge with various industrial applications with an average salary ranging from Rs. 5-20 Lack Per annum.