What are Black hat, White hat, and Grey hat SEO?

  • A Black Hat Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique that looks for flaws in search engine algorithms in order to improve the content’s ranking. This causes a spike in the ranking, although it is only temporary. It is regarded unethical since it does not adhere to the search engines’ criteria in any way. This practice frequently employs techniques such as link spamming and the usage of hidden links.

  • White Hat SEO is the most widely utilized SEO approach in the world, and it employs a variety of strategies to improve a web page’s ranking in search engines. White hat SEO emphasizes the production of high-quality content and HTML optimization, among other things. It also generates a consistent increase in rank that lasts longer than other methods.

  • Grey Hat SEO is a mixture of both black hat and white hat strategies are used in SEO. These approaches are used in tandem to transition from one to the other in order to improve a website’s ranking. In the vast majority of circumstances, this approach produces a hit or miss result.