What advice would you give to younger girls deciding to make a tech career for themselves?

As far as I can tell, there is one thing that has truly benefited me in my tech career: performing inner work and increasing my self-confidence. Because the IT sector can indeed be a lonely, hostile, and difficult environment to work in at times. However, if you have self-confidence, you can overcome any obstacle.
Confidence is a hard thing to achieve - it’s the balance between being unsure and being arrogant, and it’s certainly easier said than done. Everyone appears to desire it, but only a select few have succeeded.

Here are five ways to boost your self-assurance.

  1. Put up the effort to become capable.

  2. Smile, unwind and dress the part.

  3. Choose your words with care.

  4. Embrace a growth mindset.

  5. Be tenacious.