Types of Human Intelligence

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In this article, we will discuss the overview of human intelligence and the types of human intelligence, and before continuing you can read the article like the difference between AI and human Intelligence which will give you an understanding of why Intelligence is an important part of technology. Let’s discuss it one by one.

Human Intelligence :
Human Intelligence is a mental quality to learn from experiences, adapting to new situations and manipulating one’s environment by using knowledge. It is an effective drawing of perception, problem-solving, reasoning, memory, learning.

Types of Human intelligence :
There are 9 types of Human Intelligence as follows.

  1. Linguistic Intelligence –
    Linguistic Intelligence means the ability to understand a language and use written and spoken language. People like poets, writers, have high linguistic intelligence.

  2. Spatial Intelligence –
    This involves showing patterns to solve a person’s capacity to think in 3-dimension. People having good spatial intelligence are good at solving spatial problems like drawing, reading maps, solving mazes.

  3. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence :man_technologist:t2:
    This is an ability to analyze a problem logically. It refers to the ability to solve problems, learning to use numbers. People having good Logical-mathematical intelligence are good at calculations, doing puzzles, solving brain teasers. This intelligence is usually well-developed in scientists, mathematicians, detectives.

  4. Musical Intelligence :musical_note:
    This is an ability of a person to learn different sounds and has the ability to play instruments, compose music and singing, Such people can easily learn and memorize tunes. This intelligence allows people to recognize, create, produce music.

  5. Intrapersonal Intelligence –
    This is an ability of a person to know himself the best. Intrapersonal Intelligence means knowing about yourself, knowing your strengths and weaknesses. People having this Intelligence can work independently as they know their goals, and focus on achieving them.

  6. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence :man_juggling:t2:
    Bodily-Kinesthetic learning refers to physical learning. It refers to using the body to learn something new, solving a problem. People having this ability are good at dancing, acting, imitating expressions, running. Such people tend to learn from doing things, rather than seeing and hearing them.

  7. Interpersonal Intelligence :couple:
    Interpersonal intelligence beams to interact effectively with other people. It involves non- verbal and verbal communication skills.

  8. Naturalistic Intelligence –
    This provides the ability for humans to distinguish between living things and other natural features. People having naturalistic intelligence are good at zoology, biology. Such people enjoy outdoor activities, like hiking, gardening, etc.

  9. Existential Intelligence –
    Such intelligence helps us to tackle questions related to human existence like: why we die, how life goes on and what is the meaning of life.

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