Top cybersecurity companies?

The market for cybersecurity technology, as well as the number of available solutions, has skyrocketed as the need for comprehensive security protection rises by the day.

We present our recommendations for the world’s major cybersecurity technology suppliers, based on user evaluations, product features and benefits, analyst reports, independent security testing, and use cases, to assist you to navigate this burgeoning industry. It’s a period of high stakes and considerable upheaval for the business, with high-profile ransomware attacks and acquisitions.

Here is the list of some top cyber security companies in the market with the basic details about them:

  1. Palo Alto Networks:
  2. Fortinet
  3. Cisco
  4. Crowdstrike
  5. IBM
  6. OneTrust
  7. Okta
  8. Zscaler
  9. KnowBe4
  10. Rapid7