Tips for wat

It is imperative to keep in mind a few tips for WAT:
The passage’s introductory sentence should serve as an acting hook: The first paragraph of your essay will determine whether you support the topic or oppose it. Frame the opening phrase to attract the reader’s/full examiner’s attention and improve interest right away. In the first sentence of your introduction, summarise the entire article. This may be accomplished by mastering the notion of quick writing. Remember that the stronger your argument is, the shorter your essay is.
Following the introduction, you should cite your argument: Let’s go right to the point. The first few words of your argument should be delivered in the next paragraph. Remember that this round assesses your basic reasoning abilities as well as your writing abilities.
Be aware of the topic’s intricacy: It’s important to make a note of the topic’s complexity and “confusing” character. Avoid using jargon, i.e. long phrases. Make sure your content’s voice command is active and invasive. Don’t go overboard with your terminology. Using sophisticated vocabulary might detract from the readability of your essay by making it more unreadable. At the same time, don’t make your essay too simple. Make careful to provide perspectives with a technical bent to make them more polished and detailed.
Facts to present, support, and reflect on: Examine the veracity of the facts you give as evidence for your claims. The data you give should support your argument and assist you convince others of your point of view. This