Tell me why you’re interested in this company? | PM interview questions

Question’s Purpose
Good PMs have solid research and analysis skills and they want to test this. How much do you know about the company, the role, and the area you’ll be potentially working in? What are the challenges the company is facing? A good PM will come to the interview armed with this knowledge.

How to Answer
This is easy. Just do your job and research and analyze the company. Find something about the company and relate it to your passions for the job opportunity, then explore that with them.

For example, when I interviewed at a company in the education space my answer was something like:

I want to work here because the core of your company is about improving people’s lives through education. I am passionate about helping people become greater than they are and that’s reflected in my experience building products A, B, C.

As always with my answers, I’m trying to tell a story and interweave my passions. You need to do the same.

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