Technical round experience for IBM for campus recruitment?

We had a Cognitive Aptitude Test for the first round. These cognitive tests included a variety of puzzles as well as a lot of mental math.

It put a strain on one’s analytical abilities. One of the most important puzzles was simply how fast you could do the math.

So, the problem begins with an expression on the screen, followed by balloons rising to the screen, each of which may contain a value or an expression.

Before the bubbles pop, you’ll need to quickly compute the value of the expression and see which other expressions match the expression in the bubbles (within 1-2 mins).

The subsequent puzzles were figuring out how to get from one location to another with the fewest number of sticks possible.

Coding Test:
You will have 1 Easy to Medium level issue and 5 MCQs relating to Object-Oriented programming in the Coding test. Strings, Arrays, Vectors, Graphs, Maps, Trees, and Linked Lists are all data structures that must be understood.

Finding the numbers in a string of length n and determining if it is an Armstrong Number or not is a coding question.

For the Verbal test, we would be given two minutes and two pairs of words on the screen, with the task of selecting the appropriately spelled word. After that, we’ll have to choose synonyms for terms that are missing from phrases and replace them with the proper ones.