. Selections procedure for getting into Colleges, Companies and firms

Since it is clear that for getting into companies that hire graduates from Business schools, one must have to endure several levels of screening. It is a general practice that first there is an aptitude test that is conducted to evaluate all applicants based on their aptitude, knowledge, verbal skills and how quick they are at solving problems and questions. This aptitude test is basically focused at determination of shortlisted applicants and that they have the minimum skills and that they meet the basic criteria for the position in marketing that they are applying for. The aptitude test generally contains basic math questions, basic questions on logical reasoning, verbal reasoning and comprehension. This helps the recruiters in understanding the candidate’s ability to comprehend data that he has been given and how he applies his mind to it. After being shortlisted via the Aptitude test, the applicants are then generally made to sit for a group discussion. This group discussion may consist of 4-5 people or be as vast as to include 20 members. This is basically conducted to analyse the applicants and see if any of them stands out by the way they discuss ideas with the group and in the manner that they express their thoughts and opinions. That is followed by interviews.