SaaS Analytics

In the last decade, SaaS market has experienced tremendous growth and expansion. With innovation and new products emerging in the markets, competition has never been so fierce. Whether it’s an IT report or company finances that you want to dive into, a clean interactive screen is much better than complicated spreadsheet analysis. Dashboards maintain awareness of key metrics, how they interact and how to improve them for a better performing and profitable business.

For example, companies providing software-as-a-service are commonly subscription based. These companies would look into key metrics like – monthly recurring revenue, churn rate, retention rate, customer lifetime value, customer acquisition cost etc. If the company leverages its historical data, the senior executives can get a panoramic view of the critical business metrics. Decisions related to customer driven initiatives, marketing trends, smart investments etc can be taken on a deeper and more practical level.


  • Monitoring and data collation tool that brings together Key Performance Indicators and metrics directly related to online software distribution.
  • Clear, relevant and up to date information obtained from varied sources and presented in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • Save money and better target your customers through faster and hassle-free decision making with dashboards.