Questions you need to be Asking in your Competitor Analysis?

The Product

  • Are their products the same as yours?
  • What is their pricing positioning like?
  • Do their products have any unique selling points (USPs) over yours?
  • What keywords are they using to describe their products?

The Brand

  • Does their brand target the same audience as yours?
  • Who do competitors target?
  • Are there a lot of mentions of their brand on Google?


  • What channels do they use to market these products?
  • Do they use social media? If so, then how are they using it? Look at content, followers, activity and engagement.
  • Do they have marketing materials like a podcast, webinar, blogs, eBooks or anything else?
  • What campaigns are they running? (both online and offline)
  • What kind of content are they writing? Is this something you can replicate or do better?
  • What tone of voice do they use?


  • What is their website made with (you can use the tool
  • Is their website easy to use?
  • What is their website page speed like?
  • What other sites are linking back to your competitor’s site, but not yours?


  • Do customers engage with them? How do they communicate?
  • What sort of content do they respond well to?
  • What platforms are they using to engage?

Then, add anything else that you think would be useful in formulating your strategy. Now you can begin to identify what your competitive advantage is (if you have one), where you need to improve and how you can act on this information.
I hope you find this information helpful…see you on the next topic