Quantum computing & cybersecurity?

  • Through improved productivity and lower manufacturing costs, new technological advances are altering economies and raising our living standards. As a result of this technical advancement, hackers and cyber fraudsters are devising new and inventive techniques for breaking into the networks of individuals and businesses and stealing the massive volumes of data created by data analytics and AI technologies.
  • As a result, cybersecurity has become a necessary component of all corporate plans and a way of safeguarding data from attackers. Professionals may use cybersecurity to secure any information on devices and identify future dangers. Quantum computing is one of the most important actors in cybersecurity.
  • Researchers and scientists are looking into quantum computing as a viable technology to replace traditional computing and give long-term benefits in cybersecurity systems.
  • Despite the fact that quantum computing’s implications can harm cybersecurity in a variety of ways, there are several other qualities of quantum computing that can provide exponential advantages for certain classes of problems, such as factoring very large numbers, with significant implications for cybersecurity.