Product Owner vs Product Manager: What does a Product Manager focus on?

In simplest terms, the product manager is responsible for prioritizing what to build next.

Some of the activities of the product manager can be grouped in the following categories:

  • Discover what users need by conducting user research and unveiling critical insights.
  • Create the product’s long-term vision and strategy.
  • Align the team around a cohesive product roadmap.
  • Decide what features to build next.
  • Deliver features that function and delight customers.
  • Champion the team, partners, and external stakeholders to ensure alignment around overall strategy and direction of the product.

The product manager is a holistic, high-level role with responsibilities that encompass the entire product lifecycle — from customer discovery to product delivery. The product manager drives the product strategy by understanding customer needs, the product, and the overall market.

A good product manager is expected to be a customer spokesman, product visionary, team champion, and strategic leader.

Due to their multidisciplinary role and strategic focus, product managers are often called “mini-CEOs.” Although from my personal experience, I believe the role may sometimes require the PMs to become the CIOs (Chief Information Officers), and in some unprecedented situations, even Product Janitors.

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