Name some real-world applications of AI

There are various real-world applications of AI, and some of them are given below:

  • Google Search Engine: When we start writing something on the google search engine, we immediately get the relevant recommendations from google, and this is because of different AI technologies.
  • Ridesharing Applications: Different ride-sharing applications such as Uber uses AI and machine learning to determine the type of ride, minimize the time once the car is hailed by the user, price of the ride, etc.
  • Spam Filters in Email: The AI is also used for email spam filtering so that you can get the important and relevant emails only in your inbox. As per the studies, Gmail successfully filters 99.9% of spam mails.
  • Social Networking: Different social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., use the AI technology for different purposes such as face recognition and friend suggestions, when you upload a photograph on Facebook, understanding the contextual meaning of an emoji in Instagram, and so on.
  • Product recommendations: When we search for a product on Amazon, we get the recommendation for similar products, and this is because of different ML algorithms. Similarly, on Netflix, we get personalized recommendations for movies and web series.