Myths about career in Sales?

There are alot of myths associated to a career in Sales. These Myths should not be taken seriously since they can seriously affect the choice of career in sales. While a person with the right skills should never ever trust these myths over the skills he or she has.

Myth 1: Sales & Marketing is the same thing
Many people think that sales & marketing are the same things but that is just a myth. While the final aim of both careers is to generate maximum revenue by maximizing the sales but how do they achieve it is where their job is different. While marketing professional is closely associated with building brand communications, sales professionals leverage those communications & converse with the end-user to make that transaction happen.

Myth 2: Sales professionals do not have customers best interests
Selling isn’t about persuading others to buy your product. It’s all about assisting your consumer in winning. If you consider making a transaction to be “winning,” someone needs to lose. You’ll sell in a relatively short period of time if you’re winning and your customers are losing. It’s about you and your consumer both succeeding. That’s all there is to it. I just wish prospects and purchasers thought like that all of the time!

Myth 3: Selling is all about numbers
While numbers tell the result, but selling is not just about the number of calls or the amount you were available to generate as sales. Quality takes precedence over quantity. When it comes to selling, your objective should be to discover people who have a desire to acquire your goods or services. I don’t care about the statistics if they don’t want or need to buy your goods or service!