MBA Interview preparation - How would you collaborate in an online medium

In what ways would you communicate with your manager and collaborate with co-workers in a remote setting in case your internship is virtual?

The online medium is fraught with its own issues despite the obvious advantages it offers. The major issue is communicating effectively with one’s seniors. To address this issue, one must constantly update them on one’s progress by setting up calls on a weekly basis, if not daily.

This would eliminate any potential bottlenecks quite early on and would apprise them of our progress in short time spans.

One could also set up calls with co-workers daily to apprise them of the tasks done the previous day and to keep them in the loop. Any help can be rendered then and there and would help one learn and network effectively at the same time.

Setting up informal sessions every now and then to break the ice would be great as it would break down the barriers and can facilitate learning and better communication.