Marketing Sales Representative

The work of a Marketing Sales Representative specifically is focused on working closely with potential consumers and customers of their products/services, in order to assist them in making a sound choice while purchasing products and services. These Sales Representatives must have the ability to understand and be able to understand what their customers want and require so they can sell their products and services that conveniently meet that particular need. The responsibilities that a Marketing Sales Representative is entrusted with can be inclusive of but not limited to preparation of contracts and several presentations regarding the same product. Their work also includes attending webinars, seminars, events for appreciation and felicitation of customers, marketing events etc. He may also be assigned with tasks like interaction with clientele and management of current accounts of clients. Organization of schedules related to shipping of products and delivery of services also falls under their work. Further, evaluation of customer satisfaction and providing customer support is also under the work of a Marketing Sales Representative. The skills that are required for any graduate or fresher to work in this field are- organizational skills, ability to communicate effectively, and inter-personal skills.