Job Positions in HR

  • HR Generalist: For a Human Resources MBA graduate, this is one of the entry-level positions.
    Receiving job applications from individuals, analyzing their resumes, selecting documentation, arranging recruitment efforts, and so on are all part of the job description. The annual wage package normally starts at more than INR 2.5 lakhs.

  • Staff Director: This is one of the more prestigious occupations affiliated with the programme. The staffing director is in charge of making critical choices about the company’s current workforce.
    He plays an important role in developing the company’s recruitment, promotion, transfer and training strategies.

  • Compensation Manager: Investigates the company’s financial situation. He determines the salary of the company’s old and new employees. He must review the minimum wage act and labour regulations to ensure that the salaries he sets for his employees comply with these rules. He also decides how much a bonus and other benefits the employees will receive.

  • Technical Recruiter: This is another job title offered to MBA in Human Resources graduates.
    He is in charge of testing the applicants’ technical skills during the hiring process and selecting those who are well-versed in the technical areas. This is particularly advantageous for industries such as IT and banking.

  • Employee Relations Manager: Serves as a link between the corporation and its employees or labour unions. They convene meetings for employees and trade unions, address any complaints or grievances, and resolve issues between the corporation and its employees. They are paid a salary of around Rs. 5 lakhs every year.

  • Director of HR Training and Development: This is one of the highest-paying roles in the HR industry.
    He leads new candidate training sessions and ensures that the training process runs smoothly without hiccups. It directly impacts the company’s output by enhancing employee productivity.