Is this the right time to study or pursue a career in automotive engineering, looking at the current slowdown in the sector in India?

The current downturn in the industry does not imply that engineers will lose their jobs. It’s a consumer demand slowdown, not an employer demand slowdown. Good engineers will always have employment since, with the exception of a downturn phase, the car industry will continue to thrive.
The tremendous potential in mechatronics, electric/hybrid cars, biofuels, and renewable energy makes the future of car engineering exciting. Consider the possibilities of a true hybrid car that can smoothly transition between biofuel, wind energy, solar energy, and electric energy in a stored battery, similar to how our present wifi can smoothly transition between different wi-fi sources.
These are the key sectors where demand (markets) is increasing and supply (engineers) is decreasing. Current and future legislation will aim to gradually reduce the use of gasoline and diesel.
As a result, automotive engineers with expertise in alternative energy will be required for the future generation of cars. The other field is mechatronics, which is centered on the concept of “smart automobiles,” which can maximize mileage, detect faults or breakdowns, and activate safety measures in advance using vehicle on-board data.

As a result, this industry is set to boom. There is a great need for your abilities as long as you have them.