Is marketing a good career choice after engineering?

Engineering is useless if it is unable to meet the demands of a company. You have the ability to create the best product on the planet. However, if you can’t convey its benefits (Marketing), keep the people who created it (HR), keep the production line operating smoothly (Operations), have a strong customer service team (Customer Service), or acquire enough financing to expand operations (Finance), your product will remain a pipe dream.

Engineering teaches you how to construct things using technology. However, putting it on the market is a whole different story. You don’t always have to create stuff if you work in engineering. It also entails the capacity to successfully launch a product using your abilities in the aforementioned areas.
In your situation, your engineering marketing abilities can assist you in breaking down and explaining complex topics to end consumers in a straightforward manner. You’d be the link between the engineering department and the customer or market. You’ll be tasked with gaining a customer’s viewpoint on the product and assisting the engineer in resolving real-world issues. Without marketing, a product cannot be sold. You must demonstrate that you are a well-rounded individual capable of moving effortlessly between organizational tasks.