Is it always practical to make our career in the field of our interest? Can’t we do good in other professions through our hard work?

Making a living in an area of interest is not always feasible. In fact, it’s quite uncommon! Whether it’s sports or entertainment (which encompasses the majority of our hobbies), only a small percentage of people succeed in establishing a profession!

However, this does not imply that you should abandon your hobbies in favour of pursuing a job and working hard at it day and night! Even if you can’t earn a living off of your passions, you may pursue them as a pastime. Make time for it, and give it equally, if not more, priority than your profession.

People become upset when they begin devoting their entire life to their professions and subsequently regret not pursuing their passions.
You never know when you’ll get the opportunity to turn your passion into a job. A good example is photography.