Interview Preparation to crack an HR interviews

  • Prepare yourself for queries about the points you’ve covered in your CV on a fundamental level. Concentrate on your resume and previous work experience. Mention any fascinating hobbies you have. Highlight your extracurricular activities and make sure you have a fantastic response to the question, “So, tell me about yourself?”

  • You must be aware of your concepts. They will expect you to understand HR principles such as labour laws, organisational behaviour, compensation (benefits), and learning and development.

  • Keeping up with the recent news and advancements in the field of human resources. It would be best to investigate these shifting trends and their implications for HR professionals. You’ll need to read at least one business newspaper every day to do this.

  • Finally, you should conduct extensive research on the company you are applying for. Do some further research online or speak with a firm employee (alumni) to better understand the company’s work culture, CSR initiatives, and so forth.