Interview experience at MBA colleges

A lot of students without any work experience and giving interviews for the first time have to face a lot of rejection and struggles when sitting for business college interviews. There are students who have asked every exam of their life and achieved every academic record that they can and that were possible for them to achieve, being rejected by company managers because they do not fit into the companies agenda. Interviews also see people who have little academic knowledge but possess stellar soft skills and amazing communication skills, which tend to win the heart of the recruiter. Then there are also cases where the recruiters would ask the candidate to not even leave the room so that they could have that candidate for themselves, and there are cases where they would ask the country to drop all his other shortlist the promise that they would select him, and then ditching him last minute. In the experience of alumni from IIM’s, one may hear that the interview was very random, some may say that the interview is very technical, some may say that the interview was very open-ended. It varies from person to person, and company to company.

Selections and offers at MBA colleges

According to several experiences shared by students from business colleges who are now working at various firms, they may be consulting firms, technological firms, pharmaceutical firms or any other banking company, when we hear their experiences, there is a lot of variety and diversity. The selections of students are based on several categories, and not a lot of them make into every selection. Someone selected based on their academic record, whereas summer selected on how they performed at the age group discussions. Someone selected a student based on how they performed in their interview and someone selected a student based on all three. The interviews are not random and the selection record of all IIMs has been great since time immemorial. Students are made offers to join the companies right after the graduate summer given a time period of a couple of months to rejuvenate and then join. Depends from company to company. However, one thing that everyone agrees is about the once in a lifetime experience they get during the procedure. It is not easy, sitting in a hall full of alpha personality people, and competing against them for something that they have also been working hard for, there entire lives. For some their dream was to get into the company someone else just got in. So the placement procedure can take several unexpected turns.

Some other commonly asked questions are:

  1. Tell us about your Strengths and Weakness
  2. What do you think is your best achievement
  3. Where do you see yourself in the next five years
  4. Tell us about your career goals
  5. Why do you want to specialize in marketing/ finance/HR?
  6. Tell us about your hobbies and interests
  7. Who is your role model?
  8. To whom you would give credit for your success and why?
  9. Is there anyone who inspires you? Share reasons…
  10. How would you differentiate between a good manager and a good leader?
  11. Which is your biggest challenge so far?
  12. How do you think you will contribute to the batch and the institute if we select you?
  13. What expectations do you have with this MBA program?
  14. What does Criticism mean to you? How do you deal with it?
  15. Have you ever demonstrated leadership? Share the situation…
  16. Which other MBA colleges have shortlisted you for final selection? Which one do you propose to choose and why