Interview Experience 1 -IMI Delhi

The IMI interview experience was something that threw me out of my comfort zone. It was held virtually over Zoom and the panel comprised of 2 Female panelists.

Some of the excerpts from the interview:_

P1:-Tell me about yourself
P1:- You have worked at TCS Digital organization, tell me more about your role
P1:- Tell me more about these microservices you had worked with in layman’s terms?

Cuts to P2

P2:- What makes you suitable for our program
P2:- You hail from the southern part of the country, which places constitute the NCR Region
P2:-Tell me what attracted you to our program and why have you pecked MBA over MBA-HRM
P2:-Asked some general trivia and latched on to it and was heavily grilled on current affairs including my extempore topic being privatization of railways

The interview was rapid and cross-questioning was at its peak. Aspirants must definitely prepare for this interview in excruciating depth.