Insight into traits of a Management Consultant's life

  1. Travel
    Traveling is an important part of a consultant’s job description. Depending on the firm that they work for, many consultants travel between cities as well as countries to meet the needs of their clients. This can make the job a bit tiring. Also, while on the move, management consultants still have to be accountable for their deliverables every day. But rest assured, there is never a dull moment in management consulting.

  2. Stepping out of your comfort zone
    Management consultants also have to step out of their comfort zones pretty often. With every new project, they have to deal with new teams and new clients to interact with. A major portion of a consultant’s day is devoted to networking since you meet a new set of people every day. However, this requires excellent communication skills on the part of the consultant. It is also important to gel with your team and get comfortable with the team as soon as possible. This helps a consultant share new ideas and insights about the project easily with his/her team