In your opinion, how will AI impact application development?

These sorts of inquiries allow the interviewer to gauge your degree of enthusiasm for the job. If you’re naturally interested in AI and all things linked to it, you should be aware of current industry developments.

So, if you’ve been paying attention to this sector, you’re already familiar with AIOps. You should anticipate AI to play a bigger role in how we create apps in the coming months. On a micro and macro level, it has the ability to change how we utilize and manage infrastructure.

Some predict that DevOps will be replaced by AIOps, which combines big data, machine learning, and visualization to allow developers to do accurate root cause investigation.

AIOps may be defined as a multilayered platform for automating and improving IT operations. Developers may use analytics and machine learning to collect and analyze data from a number of sources in this scenario. This data may then be examined in real-time to detect and correct issues.