In the case of the product that you successfully marketed, how did you assess the impact of the campaign?

The goal is to understand how the candidate quantifies success with data.

What to look for in an answer:

  • Does the candidate point to ways of measuring customer awareness online and off?
  • Do they demonstrate a good facility with metrics?
  • Do they demonstrate interest in quantification and data?


“Our team tracked mentions of our product throughout the conference to see how many conference attendees were engaging with the product. We also tracked hits to our website, as well as attendance at the giveaways. Other metrics we computed were sales after the conference, mentions on social media and engagement through other channels like email.”

Return on Investment measures the sales revenue a campaign brings on every dollar spent. This is the best KPI to measure the effectiveness of all marketing campaigns because it also measures the quality of leads these campaigns generate.
According to social media experts, measuring social media campaign success can be done in two ways: Ongoing Analytics – tracking social media activity over time. Campaign-Focused Metrics – monitoring with a clear beginning and end, with a focus on a particular social media campaign.