IIM Calcutta Interview Experience

Typically, the interview panel will request identification from the candidate. Once that is confirmed, they will inquire about your current engagements. The candidate may be a final-year student nearing the end of his or her studies. In that case, he should be able to draw some connections between his graduation and interests and try to sync them with how a master’s degree in business administration would be a fruitful venture. If the candidate has prior work experience, they will question you about the industry in which you worked. The candidate must have sufficient general knowledge to answer any follow-up questions. They’ll then ask you some general awareness questions. The candidate should have a thorough understanding of recent developments and be able to present a balanced point of view. They’ll question you about your key learnings, roles, and responsibilities. They may ask you to justify your actions if you are on leave or have taken a gap year. They will also ask some technical questions about the relevant field of study.