IIM Bangalore Interview Experience

Like all other institutes, the panel at IIM Bangalore will begin by getting to know you. However, it is critical not to give a boring interview. Instead, begin with something that piques your interest. Discuss your interests. They will be interested in learning about your strengths and weaknesses. They will not ask you explicitly about your strengths and weaknesses. Something that works well for candidates who breeze through the process is their ability to create a variety of vibes with their responses. When you first start, you interview in a unique way, which the panel in Bangalore appreciates and helps you get some brownie points. Then, in the end, include your hobbies and interests. They’ll ask if you’ve completed any professional certifications, such as a CFA, CMA, or CS. You could also have taken an online course during your graduation. Make sure to mention them, and more importantly, be prepared. They’ll ask you to highlight some key learnings from those certifications, as well as to connect some of those learnings to what you expect in a management course.