If you could relive the last ten years of your life, what would you do differently? How to answer this type of question in an interview?

It doesn’t happen very frequently, but a hiring manager may ask you a question about reliving your life after you’ve answered all of the normal interview questions. There are a variety of responses to such a question, both personal and non-personal, and it’s best to be prepared so you don’t get caught off guard.
What the hiring manager truly wants to hear about how you would replay your life is, “Would you do anything differently if you had to do it all over again?” Because this isn’t generally a top-of-mind topic, you should be prepared to answer this question if it arises during the interview. When an interviewer asks you whether you would like to relive your life, he or she is usually seeking a mistake in your interview. In other words, they’re attempting to catch you off guard. It’s a difficult employment market out there, and it’s up to them to pick out the bad apples.
Always keep in mind that the aim of the first several interviews is to be asked back for the next round. Don’t take it personally; the interviewer’s objective is to eliminate as many applications as possible.

How to answer the question
Conduct research on both the employer and the individual with whom you will be meeting. You should know all there is to know about the firm, including its goal, corporate culture, and goods and/or services.
It’s all about practice, practice, practice. Determine the best responses to a variety of possible interview questions and practice answering them aloud. Find a friend or family member who is willing to act as the interviewer if possible. He or she is free to ask you any question and you are free to respond. You will feel more secure during your actual interview if you practice this manner.