If You Could Do Things All Over Again, Would You Choose The Same Path For Yourself? Why? What Would You Change?

When you walk into a room for a professional interview, you will be asked a broad range of questions. For example, the hiring manager may ask, “If you could do things all over again, would you choose the same path for yourself Why What would you change” With this question, the interviewer wants to know how you feel about your experience in the industry and if you are genuinely excited for the position. Furthermore, your answer can give him or her insight into how long you might stay with the company. In short, the hiring manager wants to know if you are committed to your career and if you are realistic about what is expected in your position.

Points to Emphasize
When you respond to this question, you want to convince the interviewer that you are excited to be in the industry.

Emphasize your satisfaction overall with your profession.
Focus on how you would like to improve your skill set.
Concentrate on experiences that caused you to grow professionally.
Mention why you might choose to follow the same path.
Try to be as positive as possible even if there are things that you would change in your professional career.

Mistakes You Should Avoid
If you aren’t careful, you could give an incorrect answer in the form of an overly negative statement. Look over these tips and keep them in mind as you form your response:

Do not highlight negative events or mishaps.
Avoid drawing attention to monetary compensation levels.
Do not downplay your accomplishments in your response.
Avoid talking about personal or professional mistakes.
Be confident and clear in your answer. Steer clear of anecdotes where you could have done more or were unsatisfied with the result of your efforts.