I’m planning to study masters in renewable energy, what are the career options after completing it?

As you may be aware, renewable energy, whether solar, wind or any other source, has enormous potential. There are three primary places where you may make a contribution.
On a micro level, you can get a Master’s in Energy Engineering from a foreign university and work in the sector. You’ll be working on the most latest solar, wind, and other renewable energy initiatives.

You can take macro-level policy courses if you want to be more active in something more meaningful (Environmental Policy, Master of Sustainable Development Practice). In this position, you will be responsible for developing policies and identifying strategies to encourage people to use renewable energy. You’ll be on the road a lot.

If you’re interested in the creative aspect of renewable energy, you might work in a communications design job, which would entail not just working on renewable energy but also raising awareness of global issues through creative advertising and other media.