HR tasks and objectives

As listed below, Human Resource Management encompasses a variety of tasks and functions:

  • Recruitment is the process of attracting candidates who meet a set of job requirements.

  • Selection: Aims to shortlist individuals who are the closest match for a given job in terms of qualifications, skills, and potential.

  • Hiring: Selecting the ultimate candidate for the position.

  • Training and Development: Those processes that work on bringing a new employee on board in order to improve their skills and talents.

  • Benefits and Remuneration for Employees Administration: This step entails deciding on salary, bonuses, and other perks.

  • Performance management is intended to assist the organisation in motivating and rewarding employees in order to ensure that organisational objectives are met efficiently.

  • Employee Relations: This section covers topics such as workplace safety, hygiene, and conflict resolution in order to keep employees.

  • Efficiently & Effectively: This relates to people‚Äôs job orientation in order to produce the desired result (effectiveness) with the right inputs (efficiency).