HR interview questions for campus placement for Morgan Stanley?

A. It is essentially a pro-fit game (professional fitness). The interviewer will be very nice and friendly. HR questions such as the following can be asked:

• What are your impressions about Morgan Stanley?
• Have you ever worked on a project as a group? Describe how you collaborated with others.
• Where do you see yourself in four years?
• Do you intend to continue your studies in the future?
• Concerning internships
• Working in a group environment
• Experience with coding
• Who is your hero, and why do you admire them?
• What makes Morgan Stanley so special?
• Why Morgan Stanley?
• How did the previous round go for you?
• What is your favorite OT question?
• What is one aspect of Morgan’s interview process that you would like to change?
• What problems did you confront when you first started at (your graduation Institute), and how did you deal with them?
• What is a good example of teamwork?
• Is there any kind of leadership ability?
• Do you have any questions for us?
Internships may also be asked questions.