How would you include accessibility features to your website?

Accessibility is an essential feature required to be implemented on your website to allow visitors with special needs, disabilities to access and explore your website.

  • The website should be keyboard friendly, i.e. all features should be accessible without the use of a mouse.
  • Users should be able to turn off dynamic and moving content such as GIF files, animations, video files. These contents may affect adversely to epileptic users.
  • Transcripts/captions for watching videos. For deaf users, watching a video with subtitles is not enough, features like captions should be displayed during the video run.
  • Voice assistance feature and tagging photos, graphics, and buttons for visually impaired visitors are essential to follow steps as directed to explore and use features offered in the website
  • Auto-complete features in the search bar and easy to find features for visitors with delayed or poor motor skills.
  • Increase the size of the clickable area. Use subtle colors for visitors having color blindness.