How was the Interview experience of CAP/New IIMs?

There were 2 panelists – both male

P1: Tell us about yourself, where you belong from, and what is your educational background?

P1: What is a Bad Bank?

P1: Have you heard about CRISIL or any other credit rating agency?

P1: Do you remember that in Mahabharata a lie had been spoken by a character? Do you think that was justified?

P1: Tell me about the paper presentation you had worked on ‘Consumer Behaviour’ during your undergraduation. What were the findings and conclusions for the same?

P2: Gave me a situation-based question. Suppose there are some gangsters behind a girl and she ran for her life to come and hide inside your house. The gangsters were looking for her and knocked at your doorstep? Would you lie to save her life or stick to your opinion of never lying?

P2: Does this mean that it is justified to lie for the greater good?