How was it like to work for oracle?

Following are some points from the perspective of a current employee and it is his point of view.

Following are some points pointed out by him and it is criticism from his side:

  • Oracle India’s senior management are all ex-Sun Microsystems employees; they have established a gang, and the rest of the workforce feels like they are hitting a glass ceiling.

  • Your total worth in Oracle India is less than horse-shit unless you are remotely connected to Sun or connected to someone who was a Senior Leadership on Sun.

  • Compared to the amount of politics that occurs within the LOBs, the amount of genuine work is negligible. Practically speaking, you will never see a larger group of incompetent men in the same room in any organization.

  • If you are a software developer or engineer, this is perhaps the worst organization to work for. Your career will be ruined as a result of it.

  • The development stack is at least ten years old, and salespeople who are the biggest morons (usually those who cannot find another work) are still selling Oracle WebLogic and J2EE development platforms. In today’s world, it is like a joke.