How to tackle difficult group discussions (GDs)

There are instances where Group Discussions get out of hand, and everyone has something to say. There are also situations where everyone starts talking over each other and the discussion gets too loud and you are confused if you should be a part of the discussion or if you should wait for it to subside. Generally, the ideal approach should be to refrain from being loud like everyone else and let the recruiter ask everyone to step down. However, in case that does not happen, then you may put an effort to take control and ask everyone to settle down and talk softly. In situations where someone speaks over you or interrupts while you are talking, kindly ask them to let you complete what you were saying so that they can make their statements after you are done. It is important to remain calm in all these circumstances because that shows that you have a patient personality and are composed as an individual. Further, in cases where you think the topic of discussion is something that you do not have enough knowledge about, make sure that you do not mention false facts. Instead, listen to what everyone else has to say and frame your contentions accordingly.