How to prepare for Group discussion for an MBA admission process?

Group discussion or GD is one of the first stages in an MBA admission process.

GD is a discussion among candidates about a topic, and the invigilator marks you on your contributions and other points.

To prepare for GD following points should be kept in mind -

  1. Read as much as you can. Your knowledge will help you gain an edge over your peers in GD. Invigilators can give you any topic under the umbrella, and you need to know something about it.
  2. Have an understanding of what is going around you in terms of news. This will help you in your interview round too.
  3. Know about PESTEL structure. It consists of a topic’s political, environmental, social, technological, economic, and legal stratum. Practice the structure and try to break the topic into this structure to bring out as many points as possible.
  4. Prepare for unusual abstract topics also. Such topics are given to deviate the candidate’s focus.