How to Manipulate the List elements in R?

Manipulation of list elements

R allows us to add, delete, or update elements in the list. We can update an element of a list from anywhere, but elements can add or delete only at the end of the list. To remove an element from a specified index, we will assign it a null value. We can update the element of a list by overriding it from the new value. Let see an example to understand how we can add, delete, or update the elements in the list.


# Creating a list containing a vector, a matrix and a list.  
list_data <- list(c("Shubham","Arpita","Nishka"), matrix(c(40,80,60,70,90,80), nrow = 2),  
# Giving names to the elements in the list.  
names(list_data) <- c("Student", "Marks", "Course")  
# Adding element at the end of the list.  
list_data[4] <- "Moradabad"  
# Removing the last element.  
list_data[4] <- NULL  
# Printing the 4th Element.  
# Updating the 3rd Element.  
list_data[3] <- "Masters of computer applications"  


[1] "Moradabad"


[1] "Masters of computer applications"