How to introduce yourself in a personal interview?

One of the most important skills that a recruiter company/college evaluates is the confidence of the candidate. They try to pay attention to his efficiency in communication, how he expresses his thoughts and how he arrives at certain conclusions. Therefore, one must try to be as precise as possible when introducing himself because that shows the confidence he has when starting the interview and that is an indicator of his personality in itself. When giving an introduction, a candidate should first start with talking about his education, his experiences, followed by his skills and this should be covered in a brief manner and it has to be kept quite short. Further, the candidate should not constantly talk about his strengths or praise his own academic record. Instead, if there is anything he/she wants the recruiter to know, he may begin his sentence in a humble manner and say, “I would also like to bring this to your attention,” and then state his achievements. Further, the candidate should stick to information that is relevant and he should keep in mind that he shouldn’t stray away from the main discussion at hand.