How to create a good resume to ace personal interviews

Often, candidates tend to mention certain things in their CV that they haven’t ever done or haven’t completely understood. Therefore, firstly it has to be kept in mind that one shouldn’t lie on his CV about his technical experience or knowledge because that may impact his interview later. Since the recruiter focus on what is written on the CV, they are bound to ask the candidate questions regarding the things that have been mentioned in it. If a candidate mentions things that he has prior experience of, that will not only enable him to answer a lot of questions that he is asked but also boost his confidence as he would have an idea about what he is asked. Since a PI is generally conducted after shortlisting a handful number of candidates after a mass screening, the recruiters tend to give the PI a lot of importance. Their focus is on how a candidate fits into the job description of the position and how his skills match the company vision. Even if the Personal Interview is conducted for higher educations (mostly MBA colleges), the college authorities also tend to evaluate his skill set and whether it matches with the college/university goals and vision or not.