How to become a successful Java Developer?

In the times when professionals and novices are learning languages like Python, Java is still standing strong. It’s a versatile and efficient language in popular use by the biggest brands in the world. In this post, I will tell you how to become a good java developer.

1. Learn Java SE

Before delving deep into java being proficient in Java SE is a must, It teaches you all the basic data structures and concepts java undertakes. Java is an Object-Oriented Programming Language and learning Java SE enables you as a developer to understand these concepts. It also has a bunch of libraries and functions which you must learn in order to progress further to advanced concepts of Java

2. Learn Java EE
Java EE is also popularly known as Java advanced encompasses web development capabilities. The distributed capabilities like Java Server Pages, servlets, Web sockets, etc enable you to develop the back end of various websites and web applications and do server end coding.

3. Make dummy projects
In order to learn, you must absolutely without fail to make projects using all the concepts in order to be more proficient. Especially you must work with Servlets and JSP. Encompassing these two technologies in a project will employ a lot of other functionalities of Java. You will end up honing your skills in this language.

4. Learn Spring and Hibernate framework
Learning Spring and Hibernate frameworks allows you to develop web-based java applications in a low cost and flexible manner undertaking a plethora of microservices provided by these frameworks. They allow you to build decoupled architectures.