How to Approach Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension section in IIFT entrance?

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension Section in the IIFT entrance exam has the highest weightage in terms of the total number of questions asked. Nearly 35 questions are asked in the section. The Reading comprehension sections generally consist of 16-18 questions which are typically 50 % of the section. RCs are generally based on business topics, articles written gy scholars, and excerpts from history. The Verbal Ability section consists of various topics such as synonyms. Root word origin, grammatically correct questions, one-word substitution, Table based questions in the Verbal Ability section. The number of VA questions is nearly 15-17 which is roughly 50% of the section. Thus, the section is evenly divided between VA & RC in terms of questions. This is one of the easier sections in the IIFT paper and a candidate irrespective of his background try to maximize his score in this area as it will help him boost the overall score.

The VARC section of the IIFT is an important scoring area for most of the candidates. It is important for candidates to have a grip on reading long paragraphs and understanding as IIFT Rc passages generally tend to be lengthier. This can be developed by consistent reading and a lot of practice. Candidates can read novels and books, newspaper editorials to develop a fast reading. Moreover, practicing RC’s separately can help students keep a time of how quickly they can solve a particular RC. For the Verbal Ability section, a student can start with a very basic boom named Norman Lewis which has words, synonyms, Antonyms, and all the types of questions asked in an exercise format at the end of every chapter. This will help the student develop a good Vocabulary which can help them solve more questions. Knowing rules of grammar and solving questions on that front would be useful in solving questions in the exam. A higher score in this section can prove to be very useful in an overall boost of the score.