How to answer 'What are your weaknesses?

Follow these steps to effectively answer this challenging interview question:

1. Perform self-reflection

Prepare for this question by reflecting on yourself for a moment. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What challenges do I regularly encounter?
  • What feedback have I received in the past?
  • What are my personal goals?
  • What tasks do I find myself having to do over again?

2. Consider the position you’re applying to

Make your answer relevant to the job you are applying to. Although you want to show the employer that you possess all the skills and qualities they require, you can think of ways you could continue to excel in this role. Think of a particular skill that you could improve to be a more qualified employee. Show the employer that you are goal-oriented and interested in learning new things.

3. Make it positive and actionable

After explaining your weakness, share how you want to work toward overcoming it. You can turn your weakness into an opportunity to become a more skilled employee or a more well-rounded individual. This can help you emphasise that you are the type of person who accepts challenges.

Example answers

Consider these example answers to the ‘What are your weaknesses?’ interview question to help you prepare your own response:

  • Example 1: Self-criticism
  • Example 2: Organisation
  • Example 3: Overworking
  • Example 4: Public speaking
  • Example 5: Shyness
  • Example 6: Asking for help